Additional Tools and Guides

Plan your project

Planning your project to achieve great outcomes

Being clear on what you are trying to achieve will help you figure out how best to do this. Using a theory of change, logic model and an evaluation plan can help you build a successful project.

Project planning and management

You’ll find tools that can help you deliver your project successfully from start to finish:

  • PESTLE situation analysis

    Consider the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) factors that could affect your project outcomes.

  • Stakeholder mapping and effective engagement

    Identify who you need to engage with so that your project is successful and how you will engage effectively:

  • Project planning and co-design

    Plan your project activities using co-design principles to plan goals, activities and priorities within timeframes.

  • Risk management

    Identify, assess, and treat risks that could impact your project

  • Managing volunteers

    Learn how to attract, retain and support your volunteers to thrive.

  • Budget template and cashflow management

    Create a realistic project budget to help you manage your income, expenditure and cashflow.

  • National Map - Geoscience Australia

    An online map-based tool to allow easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

  • Social business model canvas to help plan a successful social enterprise

  • Good governance

    Improve performance and growth, unlock new opportunities, reduce risk and foster trust and reputation.

  • Succession planning

    Developing a good succession plan ensures that the organisation is prepared for change and can easily transition.

  • Social media

    Social media is an inexpensive marketing tool that allows marketing campaigns and community engagement.



Impact and evaluation planning

  • Grant Impact Guide

    A comprehensive guide to support outcomes-based grant making at Lotterywest.

  • The Quick Guide to Grant Impact

    Understanding, planning, and measuring, grant impact at Lotterywest. This is an abbreviated version of the complete guide above.

  • Centre for Social Impact - Social impact and evaluation tools

    Tools and methods for understanding and measuring the social impact of your project can be found here.

  • Social Impact Toolbox - Tool library

    A library of curated tools, validated by academic research, for you to evaluate the social impact of your program.

  • Social Impact Measurement Network Australia

  • Better Evaluation

    Comprehensive evaluation tools can be found here.



First Nations engagement and evaluation guidance

  • First Languages Australia - Murrayarra: Evaluation toolkit

    A toolkit providing a series of reflective questions to assist communities in evaluating the tools they create.

  • Australian Evaluation Society - First Nations evaluators

  • Australian Evaluation Society - First Nations cultural framework

    Provides practical guidance on what contributes to culturally safe evaluation in all phases of the evaluation process.

  • Australian Government Productivity Commission - Indigenous evaluation strategy

  • Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - Engaging with Traditional Owners

    Provides information on the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent when engaging with Traditional Owners.

  • Lowitja Institute - Indigenous data sovereignty readiness assessment and evaluation toolkit



Engaging with the community

  • Community Tool Box - Participatory approaches to planning community interventions

  • Commissioner for Children and Young People - Participation guidelines

    Guidelines to ensure young peoples voices are heard.

  • WACOSS - Community services co-design toolkit

  • WA Government - State Disability Strategy

  • WA Primary Health Alliance - LGBTIQA+ Equity and Inclusion Framework

    An example framework that shares key elements of inclusion and principles to guide the design, development and delivery of health care services for LGBTIQA+ people and communities.

  • Office of Multicultural Interests - Engaging culturally and linguistically diverse communities



Useful websites and guides

  • Lotterywest Good Practice Requirements

  • Healthway minimum health requirements

  • Regional research and data

    Tap into regional WA research and data from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts.

  • National Map - Geoscience Australia

    An online map-based tool to allow easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

  • Australian Child and Youth Wellbeing Atlas

    A data asset empowering communities to identify priorities for child health research and initiatives in meaningful and cost-effective ways.

  • WA State Government grants

  • Commonwealth – Grant Connect

  • Funding and grants

    Leveraging can help maximise existing resources to obtain additional funding.

  • WA Charities and associations guidebook

Frequently Asked Questions

The Western Australian Community Impact Hub (the Impact Hub) is a free online tool to support WA not-for-profits and local governments to maximise the positive social impact from their funded projects and initiatives.

A central source of data, knowledge and insight, it houses a suite of simple, practical tools to support improved project design, impact planning and outcomes-based funded community projects.

We've built the Impact Hub to simplify the outcomes-based grant-making journey, and to share knowledge and learning to build the capacity of our not-for-profit and local government community in planning for impact.

Whilst the Impact Hub was developed for Western Australian not-for-profits and local governments, anyone is able to access it to help develop their own impactful projects regardless of receiving funding from Lotterywest or Healthway.

It will also be a resource for government departments and research organisations to support connection and collaboration across sectors and between organisations for capacity building and amplified social impact.

The Impact Hub has three core functions which users can utilise in various ways.

  1. Users can access up-to-date, Western Australian data and information to help them identify community need and opportunity.
  2. Users can access case studies, grants libraries and reports to learn from and connect with other organisations who have delivered similar initiatives​.
  3. Users can access the Community Impact Planner, an interactive tool to help them to apply best practice project planning and evaluation approaches.

The case studies on the Impact Hub are real projects, which have been supported by Lotterywest, Healthway, or both. They cover a range of focus areas and come from large, medium and small organisations and local governments from all over WA. Case studies are made available by the project owners, so that organisations can learn from the experiences of others. While you may not see a project exactly like yours, chances are there are likely to be learnings that you can apply to your own initiative, or you could even reach out to organisations to chat about their outcomes.

Through the Impact Planner, our customers can develop a theory of change to cement their project vision, use the logic model to plan project activities and link them to the project’s intended impacts, and use the evaluation planner to measure the success of the project, defining the data and evidence that will be needed to properly communicate a project’s impact. ​

A Theory of Change will help you to articulate a clear vision for your project. In a sentence, you will be able to demonstrate what issue your project will address, how it will address it and what outcomes it will achieve. There’s a handy video on the Hub which walks you through the process of developing a theory of change.

A Logic Model will help you plan out your project in more detail and identify how the project will have an impact. This includes identifying the resources you will need to deliver your activities and outcomes. There’s a handy video on the Hub which walks you through the process of developing a logic model.

An Evaluation Plan outlines how you’ll measure the success of your project. This includes planning what data and evidence you’ll need to collect to track your outcomes and clearly communicate them. There’s a handy video on the Hub which walks you through the process of developing an evaluation plan.

No, completion of the Community Impact Planner is not required to apply for a grant with Lotterywest or Healthway. However, grants that have gone through a process of planning for impact and identifying their best evaluation strategies are more likely to be successful in the long term, and to achieve the impacts they intend.

Yes. The Community Impact Planner is a stand-alone tool that can be used for any program or project. We’ve seen it applied to Strategic Planning, holiday planning and even renovation planning!

No, the Community Impact Planner can be applied to any project, from the smallest ask, to the largest. The difference is the anticipated scope and scale of the project, which influences the level of detail provided in your Community Impact Plan. We have six examples of projects at different scales on the Impact Hub. You can check them out here:

No, however you can use this tool to create documents that you may want to attach to a Lotterywest or Healthway grant application or send to other funders to strengthen your proposal. You can find out about Lotterywest or Healthway grants by visiting our website.

While submission is not mandatory, users can submit their Community Impact Plan as part of their supporting material for grant applications. This is encouraged, as it is of value to our grant assessors, who will be able to see at a glance the outcomes your project intends to achieve, and the community need you are looking to address. It is also of value to our acquittals team, who will be able to see at a glance how you have achieved your outcomes.

No. You can save and export your plan, but it will not be visible to anyone unless you choose to share it. You can do that by sharing the link, or an exported PDF. Lotterywest Healthway will not be able to view your Community Impact Plan unless you submit it to us as supporting material to a grant application. 

There is no limit to the number of plans you can make.

No, the Community Impact Planner is a free resource provided for the benefit of the community.


The Knowledge & Learning and Social Impact teams at Lotterywest are your first points of contact for support and guidance with the Community Impact Planner tools.

We can help you through this process in advance of developing your grant application, or even in advance of developing your project!

We can coordinate online sessions to help you and your team plan your project to achieve positive community outcomes, and to measure and evaluate your success.

There will also be a range of webinars, workshops, and connection opportunities available to organisations, so if you’d like information on future opportunities to optimise your project planning and grant development, please subscribe for updates at:

There’s a handy video on the Hub to help you find your way around the Community Insights Tool, but if you need a little more support, we can put you in touch with our Knowledge and Insights and Social Impact teams to help you use the tools to develop an impactful project.

From the Understand your Community tab you can access a range of Western Australian data that will help you to assess the priority areas in your community. You can browse indicators that show how WA is tracking in each of the five wellbeing categories under the Lotterywest Healthway Community Impact Framework, or 'deep dive' into the data on your community using our Community Insights Tool. If you need a little more support, we can put you in touch with our Knowledge and Insights and Social Impact teams to help you use the tools to develop an impactful project.

The Community Impact Hub has information and tools that can help you learn more about how your community is going, based on publicly available data, as well as learning from others about what has been happening to help support the community.

You can also find great information from your Local Government, peak organisations and neighbourhood centres or local groups.

The Lotterywest Healthway Social Impact team would be happy to provide general support. You can contact us on 133 777 or

The Centre for Social Impact at the University of Western Australia has a range of courses that can help you learn more about social impact. You may also want to join SIMNA Ltd which is a network of people interested in learning and sharing information about social impact. 

The University of Technology Sydney has free, online learning programs and tools which include a database of verified social impact measurement tools.

Visit the Lotterywest website at 

Visit the Healthway website at 

A directory of State Government grants is available at

A directory of Commonwealth Government grants is available at

Philanthropy Australia is a good place to find out more about other funding that may be available to you

Our Lotterywest Healthway team would be happy to help you. Please contact us on 133 777 or

Acknowledgement of Country

The Western Australian Community Impact Hub acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are based, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation and extends that respect to all the Traditional Owners and Elders of this country. We recognise the significant importance of their cultural heritage, values and beliefs and how these contribute to the positive health and wellbeing of the whole community.