Additional Tools and Guides

Plan your project

Planning your project to achieve great outcomes

Being clear on what you are trying to achieve will help you figure out how best to do this. Using a theory of change, logic model and an evaluation plan can help you build a successful project.

Project planning and management

You’ll find tools that can help you deliver your project successfully from start to finish:

  • PESTLE Situation Analysis

    Consider the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) factors that could affect your project outcomes.

  • Stakeholder mapping and effective engagement

    Identify who you need to engage with so that your project is successful and how you will engage effectively:

  • Project planning and co-design

    Plan your project activities using co-design principles to plan goals, activities and priorities within timeframes.

  • Risk management

    Identify, assess, and treat risks that could impact your project

  • Managing volunteers

    Learn how to attract, retain and support your volunteers to thrive.

  • Budget template and cashflow management

    Create a realistic project budget to help you manage your income, expenditure and cashflow.

  • National Map - Geoscience Australia

    An online map-based tool to allow easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

  • Social business model canvas to help plan a successful social enterprise

  • Good governance

    Improve performance and growth, unlock new opportunities, reduce risk and foster trust and reputation.

  • Succession planning

    Developing a good succession plan ensures that the organisation is prepared for change and can easily transition.

  • Social media

    Social media is an inexpensive marketing tool that allows marketing campaigns and community engagement.



Impact and evaluation planning

  • Better evaluation

    Comprehensive evaluation tools can be found here.

  • Social impact and evaluation tools

    Social impact and evaluation tools Tools and methods for understanding and measuring the social impact of your project can be found here.

  • Centre for Social Impact - UWA

  • Social Impact Measurement Network Australia



Useful websites and guides

  • Lotterywest guide good practice for events

  • Healthway minimum health requirements

  • WA State Government grants

  • Commonwealth – Grant Connect

  • Funding and grants

    Leveraging can help maximise existing resources to obtain additional funding.

  • WA Charities and associations guidebook

  • National Map - Geoscience Australia

    An online map-based tool to allow easy access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

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